We are passionate about parenting


Nanny Miller Agency provides training, education, and support for professional nannies, as well as nurturing care for children in our area. The agency understands that it is a struggle to manage being a working parent and we want to be as helpful in your home as possible. We also understand that trusting your precious children with a caregiver can be difficult.

Nannies should be respected, valued, and appreciated. It is challenging, as a nanny, to find a family that encompasses all that you are looking for. The Agency is honored to have the opportunity to impact change to help Toledo in such a big way.

We truly believe in quality childcare and the personal relationships between nanny and family. Our agency works hard to provide your family with the peace of mind that comes with hiring a caring professional you can trust We have developed a hassle free process that makes it simple for your family to find the right fit for you.

Nannies provide one on one attention and care for your children!

  • They engage with them to encourage healthy brain development
  • They are knowledgeable on milestones and how to reach them
  • They are trained and qualified
  • They care for your children in the comfort and convenience of your own home
  • Nannies can typically work around your schedule
  • They can provide light housework
  • They aim to help your household run smoothly
  • The bond between nanny and family is priceless

“Having a nanny in your home means your child(ren) are being raised to your own preferences, having someone to care for them at home when they are mildly sick, fun and educational activities, adventurous outings, arts & crafts, and imaginative play for your kids!”

– Chelsea Miller | Founder –

Alyse and Nick | Families

“Thank you so much NMA for finding us the PERFECT Nanny for our precious babies! Chelsea checks in with us regularly to assure that both us and our nanny are doing well. She was so helpful with the process from start to finish. We could not be happier with our time with NMA.”

Jon and Kirstin | Families

“Chelsea was nanny for our two children for 2.5 years. My wife and I—and our kids!—think the world of her. She came prepared everyday with new and exciting things to do with the kids: arts and crafts, field trips and outdoor activities.She was attuned to the need to be gentle but firm with children, never missing a teaching moment and deftly defusing the occasional sibling spat.She was dependable, flexible, and communicated clearly and easily with us. And she did all of this with a consistently sunny disposition. In short, she treated our kids as if they were her own.As a nanny, Chelsea was everything we had hoped for and more than we expected; my wife and I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Victoria | Nannies

“As a genuine caregiver, I always found it hard to show my honesty and trueness through a piece of paper and an interview. Nanny Miller Agency not only met with me multiple times where I was able to bond and show who I was to the owner, Chelsea Miller, but she also empowered me as a nanny and made me realize my worth and potential. Nanny Miller Agency made the process of finding a family to nanny for very easy and matched me up with exactly what I asked for. I couldn’t be happier with my placement and I am always checked in on to make sure things are going smoothly and that I am still satisfied. The owner has always been there to give me advice when needed, which is a huge weight lifted as a new nanny! I definitely recommend any families searching for care or potential nannies searching for families to put your trust in NMA. You will not be disappointed!”

Kelley | Families

“Chelsea was a Nanny for my daughter until she started Kindergarten. I was working a job I was on-call for every other week and it was a very high stress job. My daughter was in a daycare and got very ill and I was missing quite a bit of work due to appointments and tests, etc.. Chelsea stepped in as a full-time nanny and I was finally able to go to work every day without a worry because I knew she would be taking such good care of her. She took her to doctor’s appointments for me when I was unable, she did weekly field trips, she did daily worksheets, she did play time, and she not only followed my schedule with my daughter, but she also was very open and communicative with me whenever any questions or concerns arose. I wouldn’t have been able to keep my job at the time if it weren’t for Chelsea!”

Sarah | Families

“Being a young single mom, sometimes I struggled to find people to care for my daughter in a way similar to how I would. Chelsea shares the same values, loves to listen & engage in conversation, understands the importance of developing emotional intelligence, and has plenty of fun ideas for activities. My daughter loved spending time with Chelsea, and I knew she was going to be cared for. Now Chelsea is developing other nannies, training them with the highest Nanny Accreditation, and personally matching families to nannies. This level of care is evident from the initial point of contact to being matched with a nanny that best suits each family. What a way to share the value of caring for kids with others!”

Toledo deserves something better!

I spent years struggling to differentiate myself as a professional nanny and finding families that valued the level of care and effort I provided. I spent 7 years working for incredible families and helping to raise more than 8 kids, but I felt frustrated that I could only provide care for one family at a time. Serving families individually wasn’t enough for me anymore, I had bigger dreams of helping more people. I finally decided that Toledo deserved something better, and I was going to provide it. As a nanny I wanted to create a community of like minded professionals looking to make this a career. I am so honored to have the opportunity to impact change and to help Toledo in such a big way. I take a lot of pride in being able to provide this service to my community. Thank you so much for your support and for considering our agency.

Chelsea Miller

Owner & Founder